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  • We remember May 22nd, 2011 and the 161 people who lost their lives. We will recover and rebuild.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives! 

Joplin Professional Firefighters would like to remind you to change your smoke detector batteries when you change your clocks.



On Sunday, February 23rd at approximately 12:34 AM, the Joplin Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire with people possibly still inside. A Joplin Police Department officer in the neighborhood patroling arrived at the same time we were getting the call and was able to assist all occupants out of the structure through the back door. Fortunately, there were no injuries during this fire and the family has agreed to allow us to share security video from the fire to help share important safety information.

The video we obtained from this fire drives home the importance of equipping your home with smoke alarms, developing escape plans with your family in the event of a fire, and also how quickly a fire can spread. The video begins in the living room with a small child sleeping on the sofa. The fire was an accidental fire that originated on the front porch and then being wind driven advanced quickly and breeched into the home blocking the front door and stairwell almost immediately. The small child can be heard coughing while she sleeps from smoke that is entering the home and even sleeps through the fire breaching into the front of the house. This home was protected by a fire alarm system that when activated set off an audible alarm and advised there was a fire in the house. This woke the small child who reacted immediately by escaping the other direction, which according to family members is what they taught her. The video ends showing the entire family exiting the back of the house to safety as the entire family was awakened by the alarm going off.

This family was in real danger of being trapped and/or overcome by smoke and fire due to how quickly it was advancing. It took just a few seconds to become a free burning fire that had blocked the stairwell and front exit. If the alarm had not sounded it is possible that the family would not have have had time to escape to safety.

Please ask yourself these questions: Does your home have functioning smoke detectors? Have you taught your children what to do if there is a fire? What is your backup plan if you can't get out of a house? This could very well save your life.

We want to sincerely thank this family for allowing us to share their video of this during their time of tragedy so that we can possibly save others. We also want to thank them for taking the steps necessary to ensure the safety of their family when their fire occurred.



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Fire fighting is a science and having the right number of people respond when you call 911 shouldn’t be based on guesswork, politicians’ opinions or budget number crunchers. Watch and learn what the science has to say about keeping you and your family safe.


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Joplin Professional Firefighters Charitable Foundation

Non-Profit Organization

The Joplin Professional Firefighters are serving the Joplin community with Christmas for Kids program, cancer support, a children's relief fund and more!

Recently we have joined forces with the Ronald McDonald House in Joplin, MO to help them raise funds to sponsor a room for the entire year!

Please help you Local Firefighters and your community by donating to our Charitable Foundation.

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Your Joplin Firefighters work hard to protect you and your property 24 hours a day since 1882. We know how important you and your property is, that is why we serve you with honor and pride. We want you to be proud of the service we provide for you, you are who we work for, you decide on the tools we have to accomplish the job, you decide where your fire stations are to be located, and many other important issues, for that we Thank You!

Did you know how dangerous our job is?

Unique to the firefighter is his work environment. The dangers at a fire scene are obvious: fire, smoke, building collapse, explosions, and so forth. Firefighters can see and study these dangers and, thus, prepare for them. However, there is a big unseen danger—cancer.

Today’s fires involve plastics, which are in everything—carpeting, furniture, TVs, appliances, combs, bottles, and even pipes and other building materials. When plastics burn, they typically produce much more smoke and heat than comparable wood products. Plastic smoke is also more deadly and may include carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, phenol, benzene, hydrogen chloride, hydrochloric acid, methane, and even hydrogen cyanide. If breathed in large enough doses, these gases can lead to immediate death and even in the smallest of doses can lead to cancer.

Some important facts about the unknown risks we face.

Firefighters are more likely to have:
•Brain cancer: 3.5 times more likely in firefighters

•Leukemia/lymphoma: three times more likely.

•Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma: two times more likely.

•Multiple myeloma: 2.25 times more likely; after 30 years, 10 times.

•Bladder cancer: three times more likely.

•Kidney cancer: four times more likely.

•Prostate cancer: two times more likely.

•Testicular cancer: 2.5 times more likely.

•Colorectal cancer (large intestine): two times more likely.

•Liver cancer: two times more likely.

•Skin cancer: two times more likely.

Support your Local Firefighters and Cancer Awareness in our community.

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